Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for the ugliest Christmas sweater online, you have come to the right place. At Jul-trö we have a great selection of Christmas sweaters, all tailormade for the holiday season. Are you searching for the perfect Christmas present for a loved one? Why not get them an authentic Christmas sweater to set the mood!

On this page you can learn much more about our ugly Christmas sweaters – a new stable in the Christmas wardrobe.




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Ugly is the new black

The hype about the ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters has spread across the entire world and it turns our that the sweaters have come to stay. The ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters have a strong Nordic vibe, but are mainly characterized by being covered in jolly Christmas motives, such as candy canes, reindeers, Christmas trees, fireplaces or snowflakes.

Many would argue that ugly might be a strong word for the jolly holiday sweaters, which mostly bring fun and joy along with them, wherever they are worn. But because of the cheesy tendencies of the designs, the funny Christmas sweaters are being characterized as kitsch and along with that came the title as ugly Christmas sweaters.

And these years, when it comes to Christmas, ugly has become the new black. The more ugly, funny and silly the Christmas sweaters are, the more happiness and smiles they bring along. And that is just what everyone needs when entering the most festive season of the year.

The best ugly gift one could only wish for

An ugly Christmas sweater is a brilliant gift for a friend, a colleague or even for your mother-in-law – if you dare! So, if you have run out of gift ideas, go for a Christmas sweater. No one ever did anything but smile when unwrapping a colourful sweater covered in waving snowmen.

Christmas sweaters really contribute to set the mood for the Christmas season and they also provide the warmth that is usually needed for this cold winter month.

If you are looking for this page in Spanish you can find it here.

A sweater for any Christmas occasion

With an ugly Christmas sweater in your wardrobe you are all set for any event during the month of December. You can wear the sweater at Christmas markets, lunches, parties or when you go shopping for Christmas gifts. And of course, you should wear the sweater for Christmas Eve and maybe even provide your family with matching ones for a stronger holiday spirit. In our selection we offer ugly sweaters for both children, women and men.

Great quality in a classic design

All our sweaters are produced in excellent quality acrylic. The material is non-itchy and can be washed at 30 degrees. Some of our designs are more minimalistic than others, but all of them are in line with the classic Nordic tradition.